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The more fans know about, the better it will be. We rely on fan involvement and contribution, as this is a website for fans, by fans. We need your help to let others know about There are three ways you can help:

1) Tell a friend!

2) Hand out cards...

We have a simple .pdf file (Adobe Acrobat PDF, you probably have Acrobat Reader installed). The file prints to standard 8.5 x 11 paper and has 10 cards on it that each look like the one shown on the right:

Here is the Promo Card File (255k).

Use a paper-cutter, scissors, or your just tear each card apart. If you print and hand out just ten sheets, that's 100 people who will learn about the website! It only takes a few minutes to download, print, and cut the pages, and how many people do you normally run into at a show?

Please be sensible and environmentally aware when handing out promo cards. If you hand them out a few feet before a trash can, people that don't want them can dispose of them properly instead of dropping them on the ground (the one downfall, so to speak, of handouts). If a small stack is placed in a bathroom near a sink/mirror, it lets people see it and take it if they want, and again, there is a trash can conveniently nearby. Please don't leave them on windshields, as they'll end up as litter in the lot.

3) Link to us...

Anything from a simple text link to an animated banner, whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated. The website exists as an information resource, news center, and communication hub for Oysterhead fans. the more people get connected with, the more interaction we'll have and the better the site will be.

Did you link to us? If so, thanks, and let us know so we can add a link to you here on!

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