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NEWS UPDATE (10/17/01 9:03 AM, CORRECTION 10/18 7:02 PM)

Thanks to Andrew Rakow for the following corrected info and comments...

"Sick stuff went down last night at the paramount ballroom(site of oysterhead opener on Sunday) as Trey joined wsp 3 songs into the 2nd set for more then just fixin to die!

wsp set 2(10-16-01, Paramount Ballroom, Seattle, WA)
Let's Get Down to Business, Travelling Light, Climb to Safety, Fixin to Die*, Wish you were Here*> Jam*, Jam w/ Trey and Dave Schools facing each other and Todd Nance and Sunny Ortiz on drums and percussion>Drums>Bear's Gone Fishin, Blight, Coconut
Encore: Imitation Leather Shoes

Trey was really getting into it w/ some insane soloing in Wish U were here as well as trading vocals w/ JB.. look out starting this sunday!"


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"Well, there are gonna be big lights and sound and all that whatnot. It's not gonna be like Motley Crüe. I don't think Stewart's gonna be turning upside down in his drum kit." --Les Claypool, on Oysterhead's upcoming tour, quoted in an interview with Hear/Say magazine. Oysterhead is this month's cover story, which you can check out along with interviews with each band member at

In lieu of the cancelled CT and NYC shows last month, Oysterhead played a small private show Sept. 15th at Trey's Barn in Vermont for friends and family. Videos of portions of the show are online at the website.

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